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Writing a review is not difficult if you know how to. Here I leave you some examples and tips that will make your review a great success.

In this presentation created by my colleague Saro Rosales from EOI Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where you can see the structure of a film review.

The elements of a book or film review include:

Book/film  title
Genre and or Writing style
Background of the book/author/film/director
Adjectives to describe this book/film
Setting of the story (time and place)
Main characters and their roles in the book/film
Main story (in 2-3 sentences, what was the main conflict/problem?) (no spoilers, please)
Success of the book/film
Main themes/elements
Strengths of the book (why is it good?)
Weaknesses of the book (why isn’t it good?)
Is it recommended? Why or why not?

You can even include an anecdote of when you read/saw it and how you felt.


  • vocabulary for different book/film genres
  • useful words and expressions (like ‘is set in’, ‘takes place’, ‘revolves around’, ‘point of view’, ‘characterisation’, ‘dialogue’, ‘cast’, ‘special effects’, ‘filmograph’)
  • vocabulary for describing a story (compelling, fast-paced, dull, gripping, thrillingetc)
  • using quotes in a review (do we use citations, etc?)
  • passive voice (‘is set in’, ‘was written by’, ‘has been translated’, etc)
  • past or present participles
  • the way reviewers usually use present tense to describe the events of the story (yes, reviews are usually written in the present tense)


Finally, here you are some links where you can find authentic reviews that you can use as examples or just to know what to read/see next.

For reviews of books you can visit the following sites:

For film reviews you can visit these other sites:

Finally, if you want to know about any music, artist, cd, etc., you can visit these websites:

Next Thursday 27th of Febrary we are starting our new Conversation Club. Each will take place every Thursday at 18:00 in the library. We hope to see you there. Club conversación 2

boda-papisCheck this link to watch some videos of great love stories selected by The New York Times for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Watch them and let us know which one is your favourite.

This is a photo of my parent’s wedding. They got married in the Sahara and that’s why my mum is holding a bouquet made from plastic flowers. Their love story lasted as long as those flowers. They were happily married for forty years! Do you know any good love stories (about your grandparents’, parents’ or your own story)? Share them with us here or on your Facebook classroom group. We just love love stories!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week we are having our speaking tests at school. How do I know, because I’m a teacher and my students are enduring them, and because everybody is speaking English everywhere, in the corridor, in the library, in the staircase, everywhere.

And I was wondering, why don’t we do it from September to June? Why do we have to wait for our exams to speak English? Imagine what would happen if you did it whenever you came to school, since you arrive till you go. If you arrived earlier to chat with your mates in English for 15 or 20 minutes twice a week? Wouldn’t it make significative changes in your speaking?

What do you think? Are you ready to start a change? 


Soon we are having our first official speaking test, and I’m sure that at this point you are a bit scared, but you don’t have to as we are going to deal with this issue in class and practise a lot. Indeed, we practise our speaking everyday, don’t we.

Here you are the list of possible topics seen in class. I hope you can make good use of it.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

topics for speaking test


Yes, our cake competition was a great success. Click on the links below to see the pictures of both Wednesday and Thursday’s edition. The level was very high, I guess some of you didn’t sleep very well last night. ;)



Thank you everybody for your kind participation and for eating up all the cakes!!!!


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