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Here are the poems we looked at in class. You can listen to me reading them in these Soundcloud links:

At First It Didn’t Matter

The Vampire

Colonel Fazackerley Butterworth Toast

Try to read the parts you practised in class and copy my pronunciation. Take your time and speak clearly. Can you copy the poem’s rhythm?

And here’s the wonderful short film we watched of Vincent by Tim Burton.

Happy Halloween.

Facebook groups 2017-2018

Click on your group to access the facebook group. Do not try to access if you are not a registered student.


Básico 1, Teacher Marta Martín

Básico 1, Teacher Silvia Martel

Básico 1, Teacher María Brito


Básico 2, Teacher Clara Petersen

Básico 2, Teacher Michael


Intermedio 1, Teacher Marta Martín

Intermedio 1, Teacher Silvia Martel


Intermedio 2, Teacher María Brito


Avanzado 1, Teacher Clara Petersen

Avanzado 1, Teacher Eva Suárez


Avanzado 2, Teacher Michael Lord


Competencia Comunicativa Primer Cuatrimestre


Facebook groups

If your teacher is using facebook groups, find your class below and and click on the link to request your membership. Remember that the class group has some rules. Read them below.

María Brito: Intermedio 1, Intermedio 2

Eva Suárez: Competencia Comunicativa

Michael Lord: Avanzado 2, Básico 1 turno de mañana

Ana Turégano: Básico 1

Nieves León: Básico 1, Intermedio 1



Captura de pantalla 2015-09-14 a las 9.59.07


Are you ready? We are! Just a short post to remind you that we are back at school and eager to start learning with you again. Ready, steady, go!!


A Building with History

Our students from Competencia Comunicativa, Francisca Lema and Patricia Arencibia have developed a wonderful project with pictures from the building of our school from the beginning of the XX century to nowadays. These pictures tell a wonderful story. Why don’t you take a look?

Click on the picture to see the images.

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-18 a las 18.58.14.png

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