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Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

We have been studying adjectives ending in -ed and -ing to express feelings and experiences. Check this PowerPoint and share with your Facebook group situations in which we have felt like that. Just avoid talking about those “boring” teachers you’ve had. ;)

Noisy Neighbours

Do you have noisy neighbours?  What are they doing now?  Are they arguing?  Are they moving furniture?  Are they listening to loud music?

Do you know Peppa Pig?  They spend the night with a very noisy family. Watch this episode and answer the questions here.  Don’t look at the answers!!!

Can you hear the present continuous in the episode.  What are they doing?

Don’t forget to do extra practice from the English File website.   Click here for  some interactive exercises to practise ‘can‘ and the present continuous.

Items of clothes: materials and patterns

In Intermediate 1 we have been studying the vocabulary of clothes as well as the materials and patterns related to this topic of clothing. Use the above slideshare to tell what some of our celebrities are wearing in the attached photos. You can also click this link to see and name some of those items. Finally, if you want to revise the order of adjectives in English, check this slideshare or practise with some of the activities you will find in this website.

Reggae Reggae Sauce

In class we learnt about the TV programme “Dragons’ Den” in which contestants present a business idea and try to get the financial backing of the multimillionaire business people, the “Dragons”.  Here’s the full video of Levi Roots when he got the backing for his hot sauce. If you don’t want to watch all 15 minutes of it, here’s the song he sang.

Now watch this interview with him about his life now. Answer these questions and find out if the answers are true or false.  You can check your answers here.

Remember, you can practise the vocabulary for work on the English File website here. And finally, why don’t you do this quick questionnaire on the website to find out if you have the correct balance between work and play?

Describing people and places

A good start for stories is always a description. There are lots of resources to make your descriptions better, but adjectives can’t be missed. Below you have a list of resources to enhance your descriptions. See you!!!

Check this website for additional vocabulary and tips to write your description of a person.

List of vocabulary for people.

Check this website where you can find vocabulary to describe places.  

This is a powerpoint with tips to describe places

For and Against Essays

In Intermediate 1 we have been studying how to write a For and Against Essay. Check this PowerPoint to review the main points to follow when writing this type of work.

My Memorable Night

Do you remember a really good night out? Click here to listen to an interview with me about a memorable night I had.

Now it’s Fileyour turn.  Study the irregular verbs first from unit 7 and think about your answers to the same questions. Why don’t you do these exercises from the English File coursebook website to practise?

Now click here and answer my questions.  I give you time to answer so there is a pause after the questions.


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