The Teacher

Idioms are those expressions that are used in a language with a meaning that cannot be inferred from the meaning of the words that form that expression. For example, if you say: ‘He’s pulling my leg all the time’, it does not mean that someone is literally pulling your leg.

Last week some of you told me about “The Teacher” at the BBC Learning English website. This funny teacher explains English idioms in a very unusual way, using lots of humour. I’m sure his explanations and examples will help you to learn new idioms related to parts of the body, colours, animals, etc.

If you want to watch the see a video explaining the meaning of ‘to pull someone’s leg’ and other idioms using the word ‘leg’, just click here.

Here you can find the video script.

If you want to see all ‘The Teacher’s’ explanations, this is the link to ‘The Teacher‘ main page.