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35i2ngyTesla is back!!! Four years since their last record “Into The Now”, the band releases a new cd named “Forever more”.

The band was born in the early eighties, their first album was named “Mechanical Resonance”, but the success for the band came with a joke, a record named “Five Man Acoustical Jam”, ), they did this record like a present for their fans and it was a success (it was the beginning for the “MTV Unplugged”):

This was a faster success and the next record “Psychotic Supper” didn’t sell enough for their record company, and they lost their support.
In 1994 with ten years of history, they left the music industry, but ten years later, the original band came back with a new album named “Into the now”, the cd was acclaimed by critics and fans and put Tesla into the rock arenas again.
And now, and after two albums with songs of their favorite artists, they release an album named “Forever more”, with this album they come back to their sound of the beginning. The first single is a power ballad named “Fallin’ Apart”, and it reminds us of the love songs from the lovely eighties:

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