We all want to improve our listening skills, and an absolutely amazing way of doing so is by downloading podcasts from the internet. The best programme I’ve found so far is  iTunes, from Apple.

Let’s first download the programme (How to do it?)

This is a comprehensive (and I’m afraid, a bit too long) tutorial from the page of Apple. This video, however,  is simpler and quicker 

Remember what we said in class: iTunes will automatically create its own folder in your computer, probably in “My documents” and then in “Music”, but you need to check in your computer at home. Then you’ll find “iTunes Music” and finally, the “Podcasts” folder, which will automatically have generated subfolders for all your subscriptions. Just enter and copy-and-paste the tracks to your MP3/MP4 player or your iPod.

Good luck!

Any problems? Did you succeed? Let me know 🙂