1. Read the instructions well, do NOT change the title, copy the title of the composition at the top of the page, and read it every now and then, to make sure you are writing about the topic given. If you need to make sure of any meanings, check them: e.g. you can read the DEFINITION at Wikipedia.
  2. THINK. Do some brainstorming and ORGANISE your ideas into paragraphs. Think of any useful vocabulary, structures and connectors you might need.
  3. Remember the structure, style and format required (e.g. of an opinion essay)
  4. Then (and only then) start writing your DRAFT. Remember the number of words you are asked to use; writing more will not give you more points, on the contrary!


NOW YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR PEN AND START WRITING! Use correct sentences, watch sentence order, use structures/vocabulary adequate for your level… For an opinion essay, for example, the structure will be:

  1. introduction: state clearly your opinion about the subject
  2. body: 2 or 3 paragraphs giving different viewpoints (remember: topic sentence + supporting sentences and/or examples); this can include an opposing viewpoint too.
  3. conclusion: restate the opinion you gave at the beginning

REVISE your writing. Look for common mistakes, misspellings, contraditions, etc. THEN write it out clearly. Good handwriting will avoid misunderstandings

Any questions? Problems?