I don’t know how, but our course is over and summer approaches… It’s been 9 intense months together, but it’s seemed shorter.

I’m just writing this post to say “thank you” for being there everyday, participating, and make everithing easier. I hope you’ve learnt a lot and that you are eager to continue learning next year.

I also would like to give you some recommendations not to forget your English during the summer. First of all you should finish working with the book “Real Listening and Speaking”, you know listening is very very important and it can be only improved through practice. You can listen to the radio or subscribe to podcasts.

Reading is also important, you can read the news everyday, you can read a book or find any other option.

Of course speaking and writing can’t be forgotten either. In any case, you can read the wonderful post our mate Laura wrote for Avanzado. There she includes many resources to work all skills, so don’t miss it.

Anyway, I wish you all a nice summer full of wonderful experiences and I’m sure I’ll see you soon, in Las Canteras, maybe.

Thank you again.