Hello everybody!

As you know, Let Me Entertain You is the title of a song by Robbie Williams. I’m writing this post to show you some links that can help you to know more things about this wonderful artist.

This is the direct link to Robbie Williams Official Website. Here you can find photos, images, music and you can also read his blog.

If you want to know about his amazing life, just visit the Wikipedia, and you’ll be able to read about his discography, his achivements and his life, among other things.

If you really like Robbie Williams and his music, don’t forget that his new album Reality Killed the Video Star will be realeased on November 9th. You can watch his new videoclip in his Official Website.

Finally, I leave you with this video, where you can listen to the song Let Me Entertain You and read its lyrics at the same time.