Busuu.com is a website that offers free online courses in different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian. Its use is very easy and it offers different possibilities.

But the most appealing characteristic of Busuu is that it is a community where learners help each other. For example, if you’re Spanish and are practising English, you can help those learning your mother tongue, and, at the same time, English native speakers will lend you a hand.

To start learning, you only have to register in a few steps and then you are ready to start. Then you only have to start with a lesson of your level and practise different activities and skills:

  • Vocabulary: words are presented with pictures, meaning and with a recording of its pronunciation.
  • Dialogue: you have to answer some questions after reading a dialogue.
  • Writing: you’re given a short task with some indications and you have to write a short text that will be corrected by a native speaker.
  • Busuu talk: you can select a partner among other online learners and start speaking according to a task.
  • Revision: here you have to do some activities on vocabulary and sentence writing.

As Busuu is a community, it also allow users to add friends, send messages between users, etc.

What are you waiting for? It’s time you start practising with Busuu.