We have already seen how we can find people to do a language exchange. In this post we will describe same sites which can help you to write a diary.

Keeping a diary is a way to improve your writing skills, as long as you do it regularly. It’s an easy and funny way to write a couple of lines a day and keep your written English alive. There are many alternatives you can use, let’s see some of them.

Writing a blog

Keeping a regular blog of your thoughts, feelings or your progress in English is a good possibility. These are some of the most popular sites for blogs.

  • Blogger is a very easy site that enables the creation of private or public blogs. You can write a blog just for yourself, for your friends only, or for the whole internet community. It’s very easy to use and allows embedding almost every kind of documents and widgets.
  • WordPress.com is the platform I use to write this blog. It doesn’t offer so many possibilities for embedding, but it offers other features like blog statistics that make it very interesting. Besides, its design is very attractive.
  • Twitter is a site for microblogs. You are only permitted to write 140 characters a time. You can write both private and public messages and today it is used for personal and professional purposes.