With this post we will finish with the three posts regarding writing. You can read number 1 and number 2 here.

There are sites that allow collaborative correction of written texts. Let’s see some of them:

  • Correct my text facilitates the correction of texts by native speakers. You only have to enter your text and wait for the correction. The system lets that every text is corrected three times. Besides, you can also obtain a spoken version of your written text. At the same time you can offer a correction ot learners of your mother tongue.
  • Another site that allows text correction is Busuu. This site, apart from other features, offers the possibility of writing a task-based text that will be corrected by native speakers. You normally get your corrections very fast and correctors can even write a comment assessing your work. Remember that on March 2nd we publised a monographic article on Busuu.
  • Google Docs is a wonderful tool that allows collaborative writing and peer correction between learners. For example, my students could share their writing projects with their classmates to obtain some feedback before handing in.

If you know other sites that can be used for this purpose, just leave the reference in the comments section. Thank you!