Rosa Delia Jorge, student of Intermedio 2 at our school, has written this article. I hope you enjoy it:

I have a three-year-old daughter and I share with her so many things, even my free time hobbies. That includes, of course, her favourite television programmes. For that reason, I try to look for some programmes that we can watch together.

I think that Little Einsteins cartoons are ideal for children and for parents too. They are didactic and at the same time very entertaining. Moreover, they are full of colours and encorage children to go for a walk through history and culture. They show children, for example, important people from past and their works.

Children are not passive watching these cartoons, they can participate answering questions, imitating sounds or movements like the cartoons.

Those cartoons also encourage children´s fantasy and concentration. I find them interesting for everyone who has still a child inside.