The Large Hadron Collider is an enormous science project, maybe the most incredible of our days, started last March 30th. The researchers, around 2000 physics from the whole world, claim that is going to be a revolution. They will recreate the Big Bang’s initial conditions to focus on looking for the Higgs boson, called “The God particle

The project is located in the CERN, near Geneva on the French-Swiss border. It is the world largest and highest-energy particle accelerator that consists of a 27-km and circular tunnel through which protons are accelerated and collide. Then, they will break up in particles, even smaller, that will be studied.

The scientists community trusts that LHC answers some questions as the existence of the dark matter, the “God particle” or extra dimensions, which are simple hypothesis right now.

The most important experiment is the Boson Higgs discovery. This amazingly small particle is really important because it is the final one which will complete the Standard Model of Particles, the theory which describes what we’re made of. To carry out all of this, the tunnel contains five parts focused on different experiments.

That immense cathedral has been made along ten years by hundred of engineers and scientists. For this reason, it has cost more than 6300 millions Euros, given by European countries. However, the discoveries are going to be so important that the cost will be recovered with interest.