I would like to share with you in this post some information about our  project, which we have been developing during the last 3 years in Aerolaser System company.

We have integrated different hardware devices such as:

  • Laser scanner
  • Inertial sensor
  • Differencial Gps
  • High resolution digital camera
  • Thermal camera

All these devices together make up a commonly known LIDAR system. LIDAR is an acronym of  “Light Detection and Ranging”. We can install it on both aerial and terrestrial vehicles. In the following picture, you can see it mounted on a helicopter:

Besides, we combine our own developed software with other proprietary software to control all the devices and to process all the information together to obtain the final results:

1. Terrain model generation

2. Terrestrial surveys (Example of petrol station)

3. Orthophotos

4. Thermal images

There are several applications for this technology, such as design of roads, design or study of existing power lines, orthophotos, cartography generation  …

As a conclusion, it’s important to highlight that using this technology  decreases the effort of the workers to obtain this data on the terrain dramatically.