The other night, as some weekend nights, I went to the theatre to enjoy a new ballet that had come to Las Palmas. They visited our island for a few days, but it was enough to get hundreds of people come to see them during the three days they were here. However… why are they so popular?

I think it’s hard to find a ballet dancer (male dancer) that, during his apprenticeship, has not felt the temptation to put on pointe shoes, those with a block of wood and ribbons that tangle in the ankles and calves. Because of that, a big group of male dancers who lived in New York started a company called Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, what is more, they were funded by the City of New York to travel around the world with their extravagant, odd, weird and wonderful show.

Moreover, these dancers are always ready to have fun at all costs, even when they trip on, exhibiting at the same time an enviable technique.

I strongly believe that a image is worthier than a lot of words, and if it is a video, bette ! So, I encourage you to pay attention and listen, since maybe, next time they come to Gran Canaria, you would like to enjoy with their art.

Finally, I hope you have enjoyed, and I leave you here their web page (clik here) if you want to know more about them.