Our classmate Cristina has written this blogpost that continues after my words. It’s really good, so I hope you enjoy it:

It seems that we have to be patient because Apple is delaying the international iPad launch.
The company announced  that they had to delay the international selling of  the new iPad tablet computer to the end of May, due to the strong demand  in US. The sellings were so high that many stores were collapsed so the company had forced to advise the selling by Internet.

Apple said “we have sold 500,000 iPads in the US in the first week after the April 3 launch of the device, the demand is far higher that we predicted that it will probably exceed our supply”.
The company has predicted to sell from 1 to 5 millions of iPads the first year, although, the demand can reach 10 millions, just in 2010.

At present, in US, it is available with Wi-Fi, but by the end of April there will be 3G models.

Therefore, people from Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and Australia who want to enjoy an iPad will have to wait a little.