For lovers of music and people who spend their time connected to the internet (and the disconneted as well), a hard competitor for native applications like iTunes or web services like lastfm has arrived. These two were until now the leaders. Spotify does not only let you listen to music, but also classify or create playlists of favourite reproductions too. And you can simply look for your favourite music according to  genre, artist or song title.

All of this makes Spotify a light desktop application in streaming , available for the major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, etc. When you obtain a password and an username and you have a position into, it allows you to access an extensive records catalogue (approximately 8 million tracks) through contract between the creators and the main records firms. The best thing of this application is that it is free of charge to users. They have to pay nothing.

At this moment, you must be wondering: How is this possible, listening to music  for free? Its creators have seen  a model of business so that they can offer contents whereas listeners hear a bit advertisements, but it has a advantage like a long list of albums for you. It is a part of the business. There is another way to listening to music without advertisements, if you open a premium account paying 9,99 euros/month or some limit pass for  0,99 cent. and it is similar quality like a CD 320 KBs (for free users 160 Kbs).

This application is very simple and very easy to use, similar to iTunes. It includes a text box where you enter what you want to search, the places where results are showed and the controls like play or next song too. Another advantage is that songs never stay into the hardware, so we can to have more space in it because it is a streaming service. Our historial is recorded in the account of  Spotify. We can also access from mobile phone and listen to music anywhere ( premium account only), although you haven´t signal because it allows to add more than 3300 themes. At the moment, it is only available for mobile platforms of Symbian (most of Nokia), Android (Googles platform) and iPhone.

At the moment, you can access  Spotify if you have received one invitation or if you have a bit time surfing the net and you can find some or subscribe to the official web and wait for them to send you one.

If you want to know more about Spotify, just check the following videos: