What’s Twitter?

According to the Wikipedia, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. The most important characteristic of the tweets is that they are limited to 140 characters.

What can we do with Twitter?

Twitter can be used for different purposes: professional, personal, educational, etc. These are some of its features:

  • You can follow the people you are interested in, or be followed by other members.
  • You can make your tweets private or public.
  • You can tag the your tweets using the symbol #, or find tweets using your tags.
  • You can ask and answer questions.
  • You can create lists of the people you follow to classify them.
  • You can retweet the tweets you like to your followers.
  • You can add pictures and links.

Nowadays most important events (sports, politics, economy, culture, showbusiness, etc.) can be followed on Twitter. What is more, you can read tweets from everywhere using a PC, laptop or smartphone. So now you don’t have to worry if you’re out and you want to know what’s happening around certain issue, how the Oscar’s Ceremony is going or if your team has scored any goal.

How does Twitter work?

The only thing that you have to do is register and you can start tweeting. There are multiple way of reading and writing tweets, though the easiest and fastest way is using the Twitter official website. Here you can find a list of services and applications that can be used to read and write tweets from PCs, Macs or smartphones.

What do people tweet?

As we said before, people use Twitter for different purposes:

  • In education, as a way to share knowledge, to communicate with students, to practise foreign languages, etc.
  • For personal reasons: to communicate with the people you know, to share what you are up to, etc.
  • To give information and be informed.
  • To find jobs.
  • To everything you can imagine.

Twitter in Plain English:

Common Craft is a group of people that work on creating videos to explain things. Their videos are simple and effective and use English in a clear and understandable way. Besides videos include their transcripts, so no intermediate student will have problems picking the language. Apart from Twitter, you have other videos about society, technology and money. Many of their videos can be also found in other languages, including Spanish. Twitter is explained in this site with two videos I’ll leave at the end of this post with their transcription. I hope you enjoy them.

Twitter in Plain English

You can read the transcript of this video here

Twitter Search in Plain English

If you want to read the transcript of this video click here.