In our previous post, we talked about Twitter, saying how to use it in general. Now we are going to take a look to its educative uses. This is a list I’ve prepared with the help of my friend Carlos Martín. I hope you find it useful.

  1. You can write tweets just for the sake of writing something: to express your ideas to the world or to other students, teachers, friends, family, etc.
  2. You can read other people’s tweets.
  3. You can follow famous people: actors, singers, football players, etc.
  4. You can read the news.
  5. You can follow events at the same tima they’re happening: conferences, sports, shows, etc.
  6. You can ask or answer questions related to ESL or to other topics of your interest.
  7. You can follow interesting people: teachers, esl sites, news, etc.
  8. You can find interesting information using tags (#esl, #elt, #grammar, etc.).
  9. You can communicate class information to your teacher or classmates.
  10. You can find opportunities to work or study in an English speaking country.
  11. You can make friends.
  12. You can help others to cope with learning difficulties.
  13. You can improve your summary skills as well as language accuracy.
  14. You can find out what other students are doing to improve.

These are only a few options you have with Twitter, but there are many more. Like the ones listed on this article called 100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom found in the site, where you can also find ways to take advantage of social media in class.

If you can think of any other ways to use Twitter , just leave them in the comments section and I’ll add them to my list.

See you!