Hi, there!

Last week most of you had your last speaking test with me. Next week you’ll have your Pruebas de Certificación, and you need as much help as possible. Today I’ve found this wonderful document in the blog From Cangas with Love, written by some teachers of an EOI in Asturias.

In the embedded document you can find some useful expressions you can use during your exam. Now you only have to try to read as much as possilbe, listen to English and relax for the last sprint.

And last, but not least (I know some of my students must be laughing right now), I would like to say thank you to María Valdés, teacher of the school mentioned above, who shared this article with me. Clicking on her name will lead you to the blog Our Virtual English Classroom. She’s also one of the teachers who writes activities for ELLA, that you already know.

See you on Tuesday!!