Learning English at advanced levels involves much more than attending lessons and studying at home. The student has to “live” in English and try to use it as much as possible. I normally recommend my students to read in English, write in English, try to speak English with friends, do a language exchange, etc.

Watching TV shows and series in English is a good opportunity we have to listen to real English in context, and that’s what our advanced students need.

Today we are presenting an article written by a guest writer, Valerie Foskett. Valerie has prepared a list of TV American shows and series which are popular nowdays. I hope you follow here recommendations:

Television Shows for Adults Learning English

Television shows are a great way to learn English and to learn about American culture. Here are ten television shows from a variety of genres that can be helpful:

Chuck is an hour-long comedy about a guy who works at an electronic store who becomes a spy. The main character is an ordinary guy who is nerdy but lovable. The show is reminiscent of American spy shows from the 1950’s.

CSI is a show about a team of crime scene investigators. At times, the show can be a little graphic, but is action packed. The show opens with a crime and the rest of the show is spent figuring out how the crime happened.

Days of Our Lives is a typical American soap opera about three families. The nice part about this tv show is that they speak slowly and it is on daily. The show is very dramatic and over the top, but can be a good chance to follow characters and learn English.

Friday Night Lights is a drama about a high school football team in Dillon, Texas. Football is a major part of American culture and this show helps the student learn about the popularity of the game and what life is like in a small town.

Glee is musical comedy show whose characters are stereotypes of high school students. Every week the show includes between five to eight popular songs sung by the characters. This show is very popular for its music and its characters.

Good Morning America is a news and talk show that includes interviews and musical performances. The show covers topics such as money, health, entertainment and cooking. The show is good for giving an overview of current American pop culture.

Law & Order is a show about how police officers and lawyers prosecute criminals. This show gives a good perspective on how cases work and how American law is practiced. Each episode is based on real cases and focuses on a wide variety of cases.

Modern Family is a show done in a documentary style that focuses on three American families. The show is a comedy and pokes fun at things that can happen in families. Since the show is only a half hour, it would be easy to watch an episode multiple times for better understanding.

Oprah is a popular talk show host and influential person in America. Her show is an hour long and in each episode she interviews celebrities, people who are making a difference in the world or people who have overcome difficult circumstances.

Rachael Ray is a daily cooking show that gives the viewer step by step instructions on how to make Rachael’s recipes. This show can teach the student English and recipes to cook.

Valerie Foskett is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and a writer on online schools for Guide to Online Schools.