Social networks are becoming an important part of our lives, or at least of my life. I only use facebook and twitter. But I’ve already talked about the latter  in two previous posts (see twitter part 1 and part 2). Let’s talk about facebook.

I started using facebook to contact my friends and share news, music, links, etc. But last year I started to use it from a professional point of view. Nowadays I use facebook to share materials, resources, comment about problems, ask questions, etc. In fact, I spend more time using it for educational reasons than for personal reasons.

Then in January, I created a group for my school, where we publish interesting links and share important information. Students can also use it to contact the school or to ask questions. At the same time, many of students have also added me as a friend, and use it as a fast way to contact me. Two or three years ago I wouldn’t have thought of it.
I think it’s incredible how social networks have changed our lives, how we interact with others, and how we build different relationships.

Apart from sharing experiences with other teachers and students, I’m also subscribed to some pages related with the teaching of English as a foreign language like Busuu, Facebook in Education, or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. These pages publish lots of relevant information for teachers and students and let you contact other people with your own interests.

This is how I use facebook. How do you use it? You can leave your answer in the comments section.

Finally, you can watch this video on how social networking has changed the way we learn, seen in the blog Jane’s Pick of the Day.