Last March, we published an article talking about the benefits of using to learn foreign languages online. Today, we want to talk about this amazing service again because now you can learn English and other foreign languages free with with your portable device. If you are new in this blog and don’t know what is, just take a look at this blogpost and then read what we have to tell you about this new application.

The first thing you have to do the first time you open the application, is to register. The process is very brief, and once you’re finished, you’ll receive a confirmation email that with a link you have to open, and that’s it.

Then you have to select a new course. The levels offered are A1, A2, B1 and B2. Once in the course desired, you have to choose a lesson. Each lesson contains 3 different sections:

  • Vocabulary: here you can see different words, see a translation in your mother tongue and listen to its pronunciation in English and read and listen to a sentence with the word used in context.
  • Dialogue: This is a reading or listening activity. You can either read the dialogue or listen to it. Then you have to answer a set of questions. When you finish, the application gives you your results.
  • Revision: Here you can revise the vocabulary and sentences seen in the lesson.

If you already know, you must have noticed that the application contains less features than the website. But it can be very useful anyway. Wether you can use this application or not, you should definitely try to learn and practise your English with It’s free, it’s easy to use and it’s really useful. If you want to download any of the seven applications, just try this link.