You have probably met some ‘Eds’ in your life and there are some other Eds you may know even if you haven´t met them (Eddy Murphy, for example).

However, you might not be pronouncing your ‘-ed’ right. Are you sure you treat your ‘-eds’ as they deserve? What I mean is: do you pronounce the ‘-ed’ ending of the simple past in regular verbs as you should?

At Intermediate Level I you have already learnt to distinguish between the verb endings you pronounce as /id/ and all the rest. It is very important to remember that regular verbs ending with a /d/ or /t/ sound in the infinitive have their simple past in ‘-ed’ pronounced as /id/. The rest have their ‘-ed’ pronounced as /t/ or /d/ depending on whether they are voiced or not (you will practise this with more detail in more advanced levels).

Today I´d like you to have a look at a video by an English teacher who lives in Italy. He has a very entertaining and simple way to teach his ‘-eds’, check it out below!

In his videos he uses some Italian words because he teaches English in Italy. Still, he speaks a very clear English and I´m sure you´ll enjoy his accent. You can also see other videos he´s published in his cool blog:

I hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment if you wish.