In Unit 1 of the New English File Pre-intermediate, we have studied how to describe our routines and what people are doing.  If you want extra practice to ask and answer questions, use the present simple to describe routines, and the present continous to describe what is happening now, then click here and select an exercise from the English File website.  If you want vocabulary practice from the same website, click here for personality words, and here for body words.

In unit 1C we learnt how to describe a painting.  Why not look at the website where you can buy original art by British artists (if you have enough money!).  Write a comment to say if you have a favourite.

If you go to London, one of the most interesting art museums is the Tate Modern.  It was a factory and now it is a modern art museum.  The building is next to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and on the River Thames.  Saint Paul’s Cathedral is in front of the museum on the other side of the river, so the views are fantastic.  Click here to open the museum website and see the current exhibitions.  Answer the questions on the photocopy I gave you in class on Monday 18th October.  You can see the answers on Wednesday when I put them on the classroom wall.  Good luck and enjoy the paintings.