setting off to work

Love them or hate them, English is full of phrasal verbs – much more in conversation than in writing.  You have to learn to get on with them to get on in English.  Why not download a podcast about them and listen to it when you get on a bus or set off to work or school?  You can start by clicking here to listen to different episodes in the various series of ‘Face Up to Phrasals’ on the  BBC website Learning English.  Each episode focuses on a phrasal word group in the context of a soap-opera type series.  You can download the episode to the right of the episode where it says ‘Dowloads – To take away’.  Just right click your mouse on ‘audio’ and select the option ‘Descargar archivo enlazado como…’ to give it a name and save it.

Another website is which has different podcasts explaining those confusing expressions – especially phrasal verbs- but in an interesting and painless way!  Click here for the latest one in which you can find out about the word ‘set off’ which we discussed in class.

If you want to do some exercises related to our lesson, then remember to use the Oxford New English File Intermediate Plus website.  Click here for an exercise about when to separate a phrasal verb or not.  Click here for a wordsearch to remember the phrasal verbs we saw in class.

Have fun and remember – learning a language is a lifetime experience so don’t think you have to learn all the phrasal verbs in the world or you will go crazy!  Follow the example of the websites BBC and listen-to-english:  find out about a few every week and enjoy the learning experience!  Why not put the websites on your ‘favourites’ and download the podcasts every week?  Let me know how you get on by writing a comment.  Are there any podcasts you recommend to other students?