Have you enjoyed singing in class or were you too shy to sing along?  Well, here are the two songs we sang with the lyrics so you can sing in private as loud as you like!

The first is a song by American country singer, John Denver:  ‘I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane’.  If you didn’t come to class, ask me for the photocopy and you can do the exercise at home (but don’t watch the video until you finish the exercise).  Remember that the karaoke lyrics don’t have any punctuation so don’t copy those punctuation mistakes!

The other song we sang was ‘Ain’t Got No…’ by Nina Simone.  It’s a positive song about being happy for being alive.  If you don’t have any money, you have your hands, eyes, legs…. you are alive!!!    Here is the studio version of the song with images.  Can you remember the words?  There is one new word… ‘boobs’.  It means a woman’s breast (pechos) and is a colloquial word.

Click here to see a youtube video  of her performing it live in concert.  Use your dictionary to look up any different words she uses – they are sometimes different to the words of the studio version.

Enjoy singing!!!