Last week we read, listened to and spoke about Abba.  We even sang along to their music.  Well, now you can do it in the comfort of your own home!  Click here to see the trailer for the film ‘Mamma Mia’ on youtube.  Print the document below and see if you can fill in the gaps.  Answers in class next week.

You may also remember we sang the song ‘The Winner Takes it All’.  Here is the video of the song from the film (on youtube).  Meryl Streep sings it  but there are two differences from the original lyrics.  Can you find them?  Answers in class next week.


We also looked at how to ask questions.  Click here to do the interactive exercise from the Oxford English File website for Intermediate Plus.  You might also like to practise the vocabulary for the media (both newspapers and TV and radio) by doing this exercise from the same website.

And finally, I showed you an excellent website for the British press  Have a look at the British newspapers.  Compare the tabloids to the broadsheets.  Can you see how colloquial the tabloids are?  Write a comment about any new colloquial expressions you learn (just from the headlines!!!).  Are there any double meanings?

That’ll keep you busy for a while!!!  Have fun!