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Stereotypes are ideas we have about other people, normally unkown to us. Stereotypes can be positive or negative, but the truth is that they often refer to attitudes and ways of living we criticise or we don’t understand.

What do other nationalities think about Spanish people? Here you can read an article that talks about the truth of Spanish stereotypes. This article can be found on Tripadvisor, where you can also book hotels and holidays all over the world.

But if you want to know more about nationalities and stereotypes, I’m sure you’ll love this site. In Mapping Stereotypes you can find several maps of different parts of the world. But they aren’t normal maps, no. The names on these maps are based on what one nationality or continent thinks of other countries or nationalities. Thus, you can find what Americans think of Europe, or how Europe is seen from Germany. If you want to have a good laugh, don’t think it twice and visit it.

Finally, it’s your time to answer: How do you see British and Irish people? What do you expect to find in the USA?

See you!!!