In the last few lessons we learnt how to ask and answer questions in the past and we talked about our last holiday.  Your coursebook, English File pre-intermediate, has a lot of exercises on its website to practise the language from the unit : .  To practise the vocabulary  to talk about a holiday, click here.

It’s also very important to practise listening to real English speakers.  Here is a video in which people answer the question:  What’s the weather like?  Use the photocopy I gave you in class to do the exercise.  The first part of the video is without subtitles, but the second part repeats the video with subtitles.   There are many new words so use your dictionary to find the meanings – and write them in your vocabulary book.

And here is a second video in which people answer the question:  What did you do yesterday?  This activity is a bit more difficult.  How much can you understand?  Write your answers on the photocopy I gave you in class.

Answers next week in class!

And when you finish, it’s time to celebrate – here’s the song ‘Holiday’ by Madonna which we looked at in class.  Now you can sing in private at home!

Thanks to youtube, click here to listen to the original version and here to sing the karaoke version.  Have fun!!!