Your next piece of writing is to write a letter of complaint about the language school in Cambridge on page 16 of your book.  But do you know what Cambridge is like?  Here is a podcast about Cambridge from the excellent website where you can find all about different places worth visiting in Britain.  Do the matching exercise on the photocopy I gave you while you listen.  Answers next week in class.

And if you don’t know the difference between a complaint and a contradiction, then watch this video by the 1970s comedians Monty Python.  Remember, you have the script so you can try to act it out at the same time.

Don’t forget to check the website for your coursebook for exercises to practice the content from the coursebook.   If you want extra adverb practice then click here and if you want to practise their position in sentences, then click here.

Finally, click here for the link to the National Health Service website to watch the video about fireworks displays.  On the photocopy I gave you, all you have to do is choose the correct option a, b or c.  If you want to watch the video with subtitles, then click the ‘T’ button at the bottom of the video – but don’t do it the first time you listen!

Enjoy yourself!