So now you have done your progress test, you’ll probably be thinking, ‘If I practise more, my English will be even better!’  Well, here’s a post to help you with those future time clauses, and conditional sentences and to help you revise the content of health and medicine.  
First of all, let’s take a look at what the English File website has to offer for the coursebook ‘Intermediate Plus.’  Click here to practise future time clauses, zero and first conditionals.  Click here to practise health and medicine vocabulary.  And finally, here is some help from the University of Victoria in Canada:  click here to practise the second conditional for unlikely situations.

And to practise your listening, click here to see a video about a local pharmacy in Britain.   This is one of the many videos on the website for the National Health Service in the UK.    You can click on the ‘T’ to read the subtitles (but don’t do this until you have really tried to understand what they are saying).  Watch the video and do the exercise I gave you in class.  Answers next week.

If you want to watch other videos on the subject of health and medicine, click here to open the media library page on the NHS website.  Now you have no excuse not to practise your listening.  If you see one that is useful or interesting, write a comment to recommend it to others.  Do you think the health service is the same in Britain as in Spain?