Last March I published an article about ELLA (English Language Lab Asturias) where I described all you can do on this site. As a reminder, ELLA is a wonderful website especially designed for EOI students where you can fin activities for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced students. Activities include writing, speaking, listening and reading practice. So if you haven’t visited it yet, don’t miss this opportunity.

But the reason to write this article is no other than congratulating ELLA ‘s staff on the award they have just received. Yesterday, these wonderful teachers received the European Seal for Innovative Initiatives at Foreign Language Teaching and Learning by the European Council. And they really deserve it.

I am also proud to say that these teachers have inspired me to continue developing this blog. And I also have to thank them because they’ve given me loads of ideas for my teaching practice. They always remind me why I decided to become a teacher some years ago. Thank you, María and Carmen (and the rest of the team, of course).