Modal verbs express different meanings: obligation, ability, permission, etc. But the uses we are going to deal with in this post are possibility and probability.

I’m sure you already know all these meanings, so the following slideshow presentation is just a review for you.

After reading the presentation, you can do the activities in units 27-35 in your grammar book. But if this isn’t enough, I’m going to add some more links for further practise:

  • English as a second language: this link includes an explanation and some online activities.
  • Eoi Burgos: thorough explanation and some acitivities.
  • BBC Learning English – The Flatmates. Click on the following links for:
    • Podcast: you can listen to it and even download it. You can hide read the transcript or hide it.
    • Language point: Explanation of modals.
    • Quiz: Activities on modals.
  • Learn English Online: after an explanation you have a link to an online test.

I thought this post couldn’t be so long, but it is. Let’s see how you do it with modals in class.

See you!!!