Last week we looked at the present perfect + just/ yet/ already. Here’s an excellent Powerpoint from EOI Lleida so you can practise.

If you want more practice of these structures, then you can also use the Oxford New English File website.  Click here and here for two different exercises and here and here if you want more practice to know the difference between the past simple and present perfect.

If you want to know what the clothes are like in one of the most popular chain shops of Britain, then click for the women’s clothing and for the men’s clothing.  How many of the words from class do you recognise?  Are there any new words you have learnt.  Write a comment to tell us!

And finally…  here’s a video from Real English to practise listening to American accents.  The interviewer asks the people, ‘What have you done today?’ and ‘What did you do yesterday?’.  He uses the present perfect in the first question because ‘today’ hasn’t finished yet.  He uses the past simple in the second question because it’s about a finished time.

Watch the video and see if you can write down the people’s answers.  Use this table to help you.

Here’s the video:

Answers in class next week.