Last Wednesday, the school of languages organised an amusing extra activity based on Bollywood and the Indian culture and customs.

Thanks to Lavina Sadarangani, who created an appropriate environment with her essences and lovely character, we spent a great time discovering a bit more about this country plenty of colour.

For one hour and a half, we could experience a relaxing activity while we were taken to a world of dreams called Bollywood, with its sensual rhythms and traditional dances.

Bollywood is the informal term populary used by the hindi language to define the Indian film industry, where music plays the most important role and films are publicised before being released to keep the attention of the spectator.

The event was brilliant and hilarious till the end, our smiles on the video are a proof of it. Congratulations to all the school teachers for choosing such an enjoyable activity for us.

If you want to see the pictures we took during the activity, just click here.

Both if you were at the activity or not, please leave us a comment saying if you enjoyed it.