Since an exceptional boy designed a new remarkable computer, and then created the Company Apple, a lot of advances have taken place in the Computing world. The last one is the new MacBook Pro. In the wake of this Company’s computers, the new model stands out because of these characteristics: Intel Core i7 processors, ultrafast Thunderbolt two-way connection technology Thunderbolt, AMD Radeon graphic processors and  HD FaceTime. What does this mean? It means that you will believe you are dreaming.
Furthermore, there are three screen sizes: 13, 15 and 17”, hard drives up to 750 GB; and  the family of the most powerful Apple laptop  is renewed with a rapid processor and a new data transfer technology that promises to be revolutionary.
But this is only technical information. The exceptional nature of this technological diamond resides in what users can tell. They trust MacBook Pro because it doesn’t break easily, the battery last longer than Windows’ ones, it doesn’t get hot, etc.
On the other hand, even diamonds have defects. Users criticize that its touchpad is too big and the mouse has to be clicked pressing because it doesn’t work by touch mode.

You can visit this link to the Apple website for more information about this model.

For those who still need more information, you can watch this video created by tldtoday, where you can see a thorough review of these new laptops.