In our country, thousands of ill people depend on a transplant to survive. People with kidney or heart troubles, leukaemia, lymphoma or just an operation need someone’s solidarity. For many sick people, this is their only chance. Blood or organs can not be manufactured. It is necessary to obtain them from altruistic people.

Blood donation consists of obtaining 450 cubic centimetres of blood from the donor to be used by the hospitals after being analyzed. Blood extraction only takes 7 to 10 minutes, although some requirements must be fulfilled in order to be a valid donor.

To be a bone marrow donor, first you have to access the Registry of Bone Marrow Donors (REDMO in Spanish) of José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation. The donor has to undergo a blood test to check for compatibility. The chance to find a receptor is remote, and it does not occur most of the times.

Regarding organs and tissue donations, following the Spanish law, we are all donors except in case we have said the opposite. Kidneys, lungs, hearts, livers, intestines, pancreas, skin, bones, bone marrows and corneas can be donated. Most of them come from recently dead people, but others can be donated by alive people.

Spain has the biggest donation rate in the world: 34 donors per million, passing USA and EU. Being a hero and saving lives is much easier than you think. Are you one of them?