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For a long time, traditional medicine has been the most reliable option to treat patients.
Its effectiveness is demostrated by scientists around the world. But increasingly, alternative medicine is being used for therapeutic purposes, with great benefits for patients.

According to some prestigious scientists, alternative medicine like acupunture, naturophathy, chiropractic, herbalism, etc. must be considered a placebo.
They strongly defend that this type of therapies can be useful for a couple of weeks, because the brain plays an important role during treatments where the patient’s atitude is extremely important.

However, supporters of alternative medicines believe that drugs are unhealthy in spite of its effects, because they treat at the same time that they are able to damage the organism.

Moreover, they add that, in chronic diseases, patients treated with chemical medicines can suffer devastating effects caused by the medication that they receive.

On the other hand, a reduced group of scientists are investigating the posibility of an innovative medicine where the patient could obtain the benefits of both alternatives.

All in all, patients must choose the healthier option taking into account the benefits and effects that they can have on their organism.

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