A student exchange can be understood as an innovative experience where students from secondary school or university choose to study abroad in other countries’ institutions for a period of time. This program became popular after World War II, and the main objetives were: helping to increase the participants understanding and tolerance of other cultures and improving their languages skills.

There are different ways of doing an exchange. Some of them are organized to swap two students from different countries. Usually, people who take part in these programmes visit the house of the person who is coming to his or her country and vice versa, it is known as “host families”. Most times they are held in summer for those who want to improve some language.

Other types of exchanges are destinated for young people who wish to continue degree overseas. In this case, the university is responsible to have agreements that let students share this experience.  Besides, there are some countries like Spain or Italy where the government provides the student with an economic grant, helping them with the costs.

In short, this experience helps to develop your personal self confidence, a lifetime of  international friendship, a real understanding of different cultures and ways to live, new language skills, and how other universities teach, among other things.

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