Under the Tuscan Sun is a very great romantic story, it talks about, a new life in other country, meeting good and new friends and pleasant surprises that life gives you.

Frances Mayes is an American writer, whose is recently divorce, she has been mired in a deep depression. Her best friend Patti, worried about her, she gives her a multi-day trip to the beautiful Italian Tuscany trying to lift her spirits. Once there, Frances sees a dilapidated house and decides to buy it, the house needs many reforms, but she is willing to restore it and start a new life. Frances makes new friends, discover herself and try to start a new life, she will realize that the fate brings her a lot of surprises. This is the best book I’ve read as a romantic comedy, like the movie as well. I recommend it to everyone who likes romantic comedies.

This is a short trailer of the film. Enjoy it!