Nowadays, it’s well known that our society is too dependent on the energy and it’s a fact that our dependency is getting bigger and bigger. The new emergent economies in the world such as the Chinese o Indian economy need a huge amount of energy and their necessities are growing by the moment.

The bad news about this is that our current model depends on fossil fuel, which is running out and is causing the effects that all we know about the climate change. For this reason it is imperative to look for an alternative source.

Nuclear energy could be one of them, but there is a controversy about this matter. People that are against this technology argue that it’s very dangerous (we can remember Chernobyl disaster). At the same time, the amount of nuclear waste generate is enormous and it’s is dangerous because of the durable radiation.

Another possible solution is the use of renewable energy, such as hydroelectric, wind and solar centrals. Currently, it seems that this kind of technologies has a couple of drawbacks: It’s an irregular source, because it depends on the weather conditions, and at the moment they are unable to cover the increasing demand of power.