Even though you might not realise, stress takes part of our daily life. It is that inner enemy that goes with us everywhere causing us tension, irritability, inability to concentrate and a variety of physical symptoms such as chronic fatigue, digestive problems or heart diseases.
Our daily lifestyle is often unhealthy. We live very quickly with a timetable full of activities and with a mind full of worries. We are not conscious that we are alive, because we “do not have time” to live.  The clock is our outside enemy, because it does not wait for us, although we have to make many things and want to be at the same time everywhere.
For that reason, we perform unconsciously a great deal of things like zombies, because we have mechanised our acts and our mind is not at the present time. It is in another part, weighed down with a storm of problems or lost with the next activities.
It is time to stop now start learning to relax. One way to reduce stress is to be constantly concentrated on our breathing. We can also find peace and happiness if we are conscious about our own presence (here and now), if we look for time to be with ourselves and listen to us. Practising  sport like yoga regularly, and breathing deeply enjoying life will make us happier and healthier.