This incredible space is situated in Figueres, a little city of Tarragona, where the painter was born and lived during his childhood.
If you want to have an unforgettable experience, you should visit it. When you walk through the door, you can feel as if a crazy genius were flying around the building. Moreover, you can look up to the huge amount of creativity concentrated in a lot of pictures which are on the walls in different rooms.

In another time, that rooms were part of The Local Theatre. In another words, Dali Museum was the local theatre which was destroyed in the Civil War. For this reason, the Mayor offered Dali to create  the museum which was opened in 1974.
With reference to his pieces of art, there are different kinds of them. First of all, there is a car named “Cadillac lluvioso” in a courtyard in the middle of the museum. Secondly, there is a type of sculpture with which you have to situate yourself in a specific place if you want to observe it in the right way. After that, there is some beautiful jewellery. However, we can´t forget that the most important part of Dali´s work were his pictures. Some of them have different a point of view. That is to say, if you are  situated in a place you can see one thing, but if you move yourself a little, you can see a different thing on the same picture.
In conclusion, if you love the art, you should go to this spectacular museum.