It is probable that you have ever heard what a smartphone is or even you have one. If not, you’d better catch one as fast as you can, cause once you start discovering the wide range of apps (applications), widgets and tools these devices offer you, you won’t be able to stop using them!

First of all, I would like to introduce some of the most-used apps which have been developed to keep you in touch with friends. They let user access social networking sites, like Facebook or Twitter, and communicate wherever you are with the rest of the world.

At this stage, I must mention Whatsapp Messenger. This cool app is a ‘must’ in every smartphone. Once installed on your device (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian OS are supported), it allows you to exchange messages, photos and videos with all your contacts who run Whatsapp too, and totally free! The only requirement to make it work is a data connection, so it’s better if you contract a data plan with your existing cellular service or use a Wi-Fi connection and then say bye-bye to SMS!

But a smartphone is much more than this. Most of them incorporate a built-in GPS, so through many apps like Google Maps or Sygic you will be guided everywhere you want to. Apart from that, with a smartphone in your hands, things like seeing the weather forecast before going out for a walk, check your calendar (automatically synchronized with your Google account) or watch videos from Youtube will become everyday tasks for you.

Do you know this place? It’s a Google Street View Screen capture took on Xperia X8 with Android SO. Then sent through Gmail and uploaded via WordPress app for Android. This is an example of the possibilities of a smartphone!

In this interesting link, published on The New York Times’ blog, you can find out more about how people use their smartphones.

I didn’t want to finish with this blogpost without telling you a bit about QR codes, something that I’m completely sure you have seen at least once somewhere, but remained unnoticed for you. These squares, similar to bar codes, can be found everywhere these days, from shop windows to magazines, even on a McDonald’s hamburger box. You just need a QR code reader app installed on your gadget, then take a photo of the code you want with the phone’s camera and that’s it! Very quickly (QR means ‘Quick Response’) you will get information about the product, view a website or just know the prize. Amazing, isn’t it?

And last, but not least, I would like to share with you a video from called Augmented Reality, where you can see how easily we can look for information with our smartphones.