I remember when I first studied reported speech. Everything seemed so difficult to understand. Unfortunately, in those times we didn’t have so many resources. I only had my class notes and maybe a couple of photocopies my teacher had given me.

But this is not your case. I have selected a list of links where you can find different explanations and activities. Visit them and try to read the explanations, sometimes a different point of view can help you solve a doubt you have. I also encourage you to do the online activities, they’re a fast way to assess your learning and to practise.

These are the links I’ve selected for you:

The EOI Cartagena has published two posts on Reported Speech, you can see them here: Reported Speech 1, Reported Speech (theory).

English Grammar Online 4U: here you can find all the explanations you need with examples and online activities.

Englisch Hilfen: Here you also have explanations and online activities.

Finally, this is the slideshow presentation I created to help you with reported speech. I hope it works for you.

If you find any other interesting link, just send me an email or leave a comment. See you!