Prince William and Lady Catherine engagement pictures.

Yes, I am. Or I think I am. Anyway, if you love gossip, monarchies and everything that surrounds them, or even if you hate them, you shouldn’t miss the Royal Wedding, as it is a part of our living history.

The wedding will be celebrated this Friday 29th from 10.00 London time, and you will be able to watch it online thanks to the Youtube channel that the Royal Family has.

But before watching the wedding live, you should have all the information, that’s why we recommend you to visit The Royal Wedding Offical Website, where you will find all the information regarding the religious service, the procession afterwards and the recpetion. You can also follow all this information using facebook and twitter. If you search the hashtag #royalwedding on twitter you will be able to read what people are saying about the wedding there.

If you consider yourself a generous person and want to send the couple a gift, they have created a special fund for their wedding and will donate all the money gathered to assorted charities of their choice. You can leave your donation using this link.

Well, prince William and Lady Catherine are now man and wife and you missed the wedding, you can check all the information in the sites given before, but if that isn’t enough for you, you could try reading Hello Magazine, as they have developed a special section offering all the information about the Royal Wedding. The BBC also offers a special site with everything you need to know about the wedding.

Are you going to watch the wedding? Why don’t you leave a comment and say why you are watching the wedding or not? Enjoy yourselves!!!