Last Tuesday one of my students had a terrific idea, “why don’t we write all the anecdotes we have from class?” And I thought: “why didn’t I do it before?”

Our whiteboard

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I have lots of anecdotes from my time as a teacher, but if I have to choose, my best anecdote ever happened about 5 years ago. I was teaching segundo (básico 2 now) and one of my students raised his hand and said: “Eva, one pregun”. We all bursted out laughing, I’ll never forget it.
About my current students, my favourite anecdote happened last year when one of them sent me an email asking me for permission to see the class calendar we have on Google. At that time I was starting with it and I had been playing with privacy settings, so it was normal that they were having problems. I accepted his request and later I received a second email saying that there had been a mistake. I didn’t understand anything and left it as it was. When I woke up the following day I realised what the mistake could have been, I had invited him to see my personal calendar. Oh my god, if he would have asked me for my credit card account I might have accepted his request too.
And last, but not least, more recently we organised a carnival activity; everybody should bring something to change their personality. Well one of them came to class dressed like me. It was hilarious.
Now it’s time you write your own anecdotes. Just write as many as you remember, reading them is going to be interesting.