Congratulations to Belén Díaz Hernández (First Prize) and Eleazar Pérez López (Second Prize) for winning our Intermedio 1 Narrative Contest 2011!

The winners were chosen by their classmates and the awards were books: some extra reading for the summer!

Here you can read the stories:








       Every day I sit down under a chair in a small restaurant in the city. From there, I can see a lot of people running along the street to buy in the best shops, talking to their best friends about their terrible problems, crying with pain because of their unfortunate life, laughing with happiness because of nothing… And I wonder why life has to be so complicated.

My life is quite simple! I don´t worry about buying, I don´t need to tell anybody my problems, I don´t remember crying and I never cry.

Maybe you are thinking I am a strange person who sits down under the chairs, but I am not a person like you, really. I am a sensible and critical dog.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Written by Mª Belén Díaz Hernández.









       Once upon a time there was a boy. His name was Johnny. His dream was to go to Australia, but he didn´t like kangaroos or koalas, he loved surfing. He lived near the beach in a very small flat.

Johnny was twelve years old. His family was really poor, therefore he didn´t have money for his dream.

One day his life changed. A film director arrived in the small village. This director saw him surfing and invited him to take part in his film because he liked him very much.

In the end Johnny achieved it. He could travel to Australia, surf with the best surfers and take the best waves.

Written by Eleazar Pérez López