Soundhound is a free mobile application which is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Ovi phones. I discovered it yesterday and I think it can be used for autonomous learning.

These are the features of this app:

  • What’s that song: You only have to approach the mic of your device to a source of music and it will recognise the song in seconds. You can also sing the song yourself or hum it. Its results are incredible.
  • Say search: You can say the name of an aritst or song and find the results.
  • iPod integration: The app can access your library for you to play your music directly from the app and thus obtain further information as lyrics, artist, etc.
  • Lyrics: You can find the lyrics of a song directly on the app at the same time as you listen to the song.
  • Links: When you select a song, you’ll find links to the iTunes Store, youtube and Twitter.
  • Sharing: You will be able to share your music to your favourite social networks directly from the app.
  • Discovery: You can use the app to discover different song from the same artist or from related artists.
  • Spotify: On your iPad you will be able to listen to your song on Spotify.

I find this app ideal as any learner can listen to a song and read its lyrics to practise vocabulary or pronunciation. I also enjoy playing music in class and I’m sure this app will help me find new things for my students. I already love this app. Why don’t you try it yourself?

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